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Bob from San Jose (website) message 3 on Date: 02.20.2009 at 01:10
Cool site, love the graphics. Are you making updates for the upcoming season?
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bob@ticorealty.com http://www.venomsports.net/cgi-bin/gbook/firebook.cgi?action=redirectexit;url=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2eticorealty%2ecom Processing option   |   Costa Rica

andy from panama (great job) message 2 on Date: 09.03.2008 at 13:09
 Nice website, your guys are making a great work keep up!
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andy.c@xsbte.com Processing option   |   Panama

MrVee from New York (Welcome) message 1 on Date: 11.16.2005 at 08:32

We welcome you to the Venom Sports Guestbook.

To all athletes, coaches, parents and spectators, we invite you to leave your comments about your experiences with any of our athletes, coaches or programs.

Please make sure to keep your comments clean and respectful. All inappropriate postings will be deleted and the poster will be banned from future posting. Apart from that, we want you to enjoy!

Thank you,

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Vee@VenomSports.net http://www.venomsports.net/cgi-bin/gbook/firebook.cgi?action=redirectexit;url=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2evenomsports%2enet%2fabout%2fmgmt%2fprofiles%2fravernon%2ehtml Processing option   |   United States

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