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Venom Sports' Track & Field Program

Venom Sports is a sports organization geared to promoting the development and competitiveness of young athletes across multiple sports. We participate in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), one of the highest levels of sports competition in the country, in addition to a number of other competitive sports leagues.

We believe that an athlete must not only strive to achieve and excel in the sports they play, but also academically. That is why we require our members to maintain passing grades. The successful blend of athletics and academics creates a more powerful and wiser player, a Venom player. It also positions the athlete to take advantage of college recruiting opportunities, when the time comes, and the rigid requirements for playing at the college level.

Venom Sports’ Track & Field program is committed to providing quality training to all athletes age 4 - 18 who reside in the New York metropolitan area. We strive to teach, improve and master fundamental athletic skills to our members. An emphasis is placed on conditioning, developing skills, commitment, teamwork, competition experience, parent participation, and preparation for upper level play.

Get ready for the 2008 AAU Junior Olympic Games in Detroit, Michigan - July 23 - August 2, 2008 .

Please check back for additional information about the games or visit AAU's website.

Our goal is to give each Venom Sports member a competitive sports experience that will contribute to their own physical and psychological well being.

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